Smart Media Engine
for Editors

Creating targeted, up to date contributions fast and efficient require streamlined editorial tools and workflows.

The Smart Media Engine helps editors to find cross-media content intuitively and enables them to develop better stories and to work out new aspects and perspectives.

Smart Media Engine
for Viewers

Multimedia content is available in vast amounts, but how do viewers easily find what they are interested in?

The Smart Media Engine turns media libraries and EPGs into intelligent program consultants that recommend custom content geared to viewers preferences.

AI makes the difference.

What makes the Smart Media Engine unique is its innovative, AI-based content discovery approach. With its semantic analysis and fingerprinting technology, the engine screens multimedia content automatically and enriches its metadata with thematic links, abbreviations and synonyms for maximized visibility and accessibility.

Knowledge of the world.

The Smart Media Engine can include any available data source in its content analysis. In addition to standard repositories such as internet dictionaries and encyclopedia, subject-specific custom ontologies like Discogs and IMDb can be incorporated in order to best describe a piece of content and to refine its metadata further.

Search and recommendation.

Content analyzed by the Smart Media Engine is easy to find. Its structured, rich metadata containing its literal meaning and thematic links allow for discovering it even without knowing included keywords, technical terms or names. Plus, fingerprinted content is well-prepared for the use in recommendation algorithms and can be matched with channel and individual user profiles.

Use Cases.

The Smart Media Engine is designed for use in different scenarios:

  • It supports editors in the efficient search for content in media archives and databases
  • When integrated into media libraries and EPGs, it provides personalized recommendations and advanced search capabilities
  • As a news gathering tool, it provides a quick overview of trending topics in incoming wires
  • As a tool for the enrichment of metadata, it enhances content usability across all media and channels

Smart Search.

Today, broadcast editors need to cope with tighter deadlines, more channels to serve and additional tasks to fulfill. Creating and reconfiguring contributions for non-linear distribution through media centers and social media requires a continuous and flexible re-use of available content.

In order to serve all distribution channels at the right time with the right format, editors use the Smart Media Engine.

Smart Recommendation.

Giving your viewer the best media experience means much more than creating great content. Understanding how, when and where your content is consumed allows you to target user groups or even individuals with content recommendations.

The Smart Media Engine matches content to your viewer’s preferences across all channels and devices and improves your monetization.

Smart News Gathering.

Identifying the hottest topics in incoming agency wires and social media and keeping an eye on them over time is a challenge for every news editor.

The Smart Media Engine analyzes the message stream in real time and forms thematic clusters that provide the editor with a quick overview of the current trending topics.

Smart Enrichment.

The quality of content metadata is often poor. Errors occur when content is imported from various sources or generated by production equipment following different or no standards. Also manual metadata entry is associated with a high rate of errors like misspellings and duplicate information.

The Smart Media Engine supports cleaning up messy metadata fast and efficient and raises the quality of search and recommendation results.


Condat Smart Media Engine.

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About Condat.

Condat supports broadcasters and media companies in the digital transformation. With the Smart Media Engine, we have created a flexible AI platform that supports editorial offices in their daily work.

Our customers include well-known European broadcasters such as ARD, ZDF, Arte, Deutsche Welle, WDR, RBB, MDR and KIKA.